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All signs are starting to point to the metaverse.

But whether its first applications lean more towards AR vs. VR vs. MR is far less important than what verticals and niches they will cater to first.

Historically, most new tech gets introduced to the masses through the means of various entertainment industries, which makes complete sense — because when something is fun and engaging, new participants are willing to invest the time needed into learning all about it.

The metaverse is no different. It not being entertaining in someway is just a nonstarter — it’s gotta be fun to attract those very first adopters.

If you just take a moment to think about how much Google has invested into Maps, and how Niantic has ruled the AR space with geo-local gaming through Pokémon Go — the first apps in the metaverse should make a concerted effort to take advantage of the ability to layer on an abundance of content onto location-based entertainment.

Our quick short list of ideas below:

Restaurants — Interactive food & drink content…

Bars — Engaging multi-player AR bar games…

Theme Parks — “Where am I?” Maps, Stats on their biggest rides…

Movie Theaters — Coming Soon and Movie Trivia content…

The other fun thing about location-based entertainment is the idea of leaving your digital “footprint” in actual physical places. Remember, one of the core tenets of any metaverse is being able to create a digital, immutable form of identity for oneself.

“Jeff 🕺 was here 2021!”

“Jennifer 💍 said YES!!!”

“My first Lakers 🏀 game!”

It’s sort of like old school tagging meets Instagram but in AR-VR-MR!

Now how fun would that be?! Enjoy!

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